Sunday, November 6, 2011

Problems with Problems

One size does not fit all. In fact, many sizes still won't fit all. There are certain levels of gaps people are willing to live with.

If you have multiple problems, and you can't solve everything at one time, do you hold off applying the solution to one until you find the solutions to the rest, or do you go on and fix one broken chair and work your way until the entire house is looking brand new again?

A holistic approach to designing solutions is a very good practice in many situations. But when time and resources are critical, simpler and more practical methods are considered.

Think big but start small. Gain momentum from each small success. Will you wait for all the lights to turn green before starting the car?

If your power and resources allow you to give only to three out of a hundred deserving people, will you choose to be terribly unpopular to the 97, but appreciated by the three? Or will you be on the safe side and be thought of as a fair man?
While inspired by the ideal of justice, fairness is not sameness or always following the letter of the law. Fairness makes room for us to generate solutions and compromises based on reason and circumstance.
Our actions define our values as our values drive our actions. Whatever great values we speak of, they are only words until they are seen in works. Lies, deceit, and manipulation are the actions of the fool. Caring and serving are the works of the respectable.

I'd rather be guilty than incompetent. Incompetence is a disease. Cure it before it kills.

I delayed for an hour, I was doing fine. I delayed for a day, and the graces disappear. I delayed for a week, all the noises appear, I delayed for a month I was deemed incompetent and unwilling.

The problem with problems is that they become excuses for not solving a problem.


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